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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pure Bliss

If I could afford just one live in servant type person, it would be some one to wash my hair. Daily. Or several times daily, depending on how the kids were acting.
I am trying to wear my hair naturally curly lately as that is how Frank likes it. And since it is much faster than blowing it dry and then doing the flat iron thing, and he has to look at it and I don't.
Anywho, in this effort I have to get cut regularly because if it get too long, then it is too heavy for the curls to do their job. I am lucky enough to have found a salon in my home town just down from where i drop Gianna off for school. There have never been any other clients when I am there so I can be spontaneous as to when I go get my hair cut. The girl who has always cut my hair wants to wash it to get out the product that I have to put in to enhance the curl.
I am telling you, if this girl opened a shop just to wash hair, she would be the Trump of her field. She knows that I really enjoy the washing so she prolongs it and gives my scalp a gentle but firm massage. I can actually feel the tension leave my body as I sit there. By the time she is done, my toes are tingling.
I wonder what she would say if I just stopped in and asked her to just wash and style my hair. Am I to young to be among the "shampoo and set" group?
Do you think that I could adequately teach my kids to wash my hair? HMMMM

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