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Friday, February 12, 2010

Good mom or Bad??

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and both my kids have parties at school. Since I am a SAHM and not a fan of premade, store bought Valentines, this is what I have been doing for the majority of the week.
I made 3 different colors of X's, O's & hearts. It has been my first venture into Royal Icing and it went pretty good. I outlined and flooded approx. 140 cookies in one afternoon. And since RI is softer than Buttercream icing, the arthritis in my hands isn't aggravated. This was Tuesday.
Then on Wednesday, I got home a note from D's School that I had volunteered to bake 30ish cookies for the party. I remembered signing up to bring something but couldn't remember just what. Then I looked at the calender and saw that it was my turn to provide cookies for the Coffee Fellowship after church on Sunday. Which is Valentine's Day. So this is what I did yesterday.
I also used RI but a different recipe. I am still mulling over which I prefer. The big ones are for school and the small ones are for church. I was going to make another batch of small ones, but realized that I didn't have enough flour so I will whip up a batch of Easy Peasy Chocolate chip cookies to go with them.
Got the kitchen all cleaned up from that adventure and realized that it was WAY!! Past dinner time. So this is what we ended up eating.
I guess that when you take the average for the day, I am an OK Mom. LOL

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  1. I think you are an awesome mom! Wow on the goodies! You left a post on my blog and I was curious to who you were. Good luck on your brand new blog. It's fun and great to keep track of who we are and share it with others - even if we are the only ones to see it. Have a great Valentine's Day!