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Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's all a state of mind.

We have had very beautiful weather here in SW MI for the last couple days. Cold (in the low 30's) but the sun has been radiant. I couldn't have the blinds open wide enough and I seemed to get so much done. When I needed to run out to get the mail or pick up a child from school, I was perfectly content in a lightweight Old Navy sweatshirt.
Today however, there is no Sun (despite being Sunday). The temps are in the low 40's but I just want to curl up with a cup of coffee and an afghan (made by my mom in my FAV!! Color) and close the blinds. I can see the eaves dripping and the snowman tipping and that means that the temps are up and Spring is nearing. But without the sun it seems like late November without the promise of Christmas lights.

But with the sun came another project. I def need some sort of window treatment in my west facing kitchen window. While I know that it was not his intention, God's beautiful light gave me quite the headache as I was walking back and forth past the window to prepare dinner. I am thinking of the cute Roman blinds that I have seen all over blog land.

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  1. It's astounding how much the sunlight and the weather can affect ones mood. Roman blinds are so cute- keep us posted if you decide to make them. I would love to watch the process because while they look wonderful, the process of making them looks so intimidating to me! I hear that they arent difficult though, and if anyone can pull it off you can.