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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Menu Board

In the old house I had a very very large white board where I put up my daily routines and our menu for the current pay cycle. This way, when Frank asked what was for dinner and I asked what he would like, all the options were right there in front of us.
But in this house, not only is there no good place in this house for the white board, it just wouldn't look right. But we were suffering without our menu posted. I had to keep track of a piece of paper with the list so I knew what meals I had the makings for. I tried keeping the list in my planner but 1/2 the time my planner is out in the car in the garage. Not the best thing.

I had this section on one kitchen wall that was just screaming for a menu board. But I wanted something classier looking then a white board.
Then I found http://shanty2chic.blogspot.com/. Love that blog!!! There I fell in love with burlap. Hmm burlap. I grew up on a dairy farm and burlap was for the 100 pound bags of feed that arrived for the cattle. Not exactly a decorating medium in my mind. But I have been re-educated. Burlap and their generous use of spray paint. I have also never been a user of spray paint. I always thought that was the "cheap" way to do things. But cheap is awesome. LOL

So with these thoughts in mind, off I went to the thrift store. I was looking for a big ugly painting so that I didn't have to spend $$$$ on a new frame and glass. What I found was so much better. I found the ugly painting in a beautiful frame.

I took out the ugly painting and flipped it over so that the back was up. I lay it on a piece of burlap (which is soo cheap) and brought the burlap up on the sides and hot glued them down. Sorry I don't have any pictures of this. I was not yet blogging when I did this project. Then I got out some stencils and some black (or burnt umber can't remember which) acrylic paint. I let is dry overnight then stuffed it back into the frame. The burlap make it a very snug fit.

Here is the finished project.
Sorry for the picture. The kids have dropped my camera one to many times and there was no place where there wasn't a huge reflection in the pic.

Now, when I make my menu plan, I just write it on my "board" with a chisel tip black dry erase marker. It serves both as a functioning piece and as a decoration.
I love it.

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