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Monday, November 29, 2010

Crayola Heaven

My 8yo son is a budding artist.  If I want a quiet day, all I have to do is to hand him a ream of paper.  He will draw and draw all day.  However, he favors certain color schemes.  My husband is a fireman so often D’s drawings have fire in them.  And since he is an 8yo boy, military and Army guys are also popular. 

This results in the cry of, “I can’t find a Red crayon.”  “My Black crayon is too small for me to hold onto it.”  I have often wished that I was able to buy a box of red crayons.

On a whim, I visited the Crayola Store website this morning.  And what did I find you ask??


You able to create your own custom 64 box!!!  You can choose up to 4 different colors per box.   In my box that equals 16 reds, blacks, brown, and olive greens.  Although this box is $10.99 + shipping, this is totally worth it to me.  You are able to choose from 136 different colors, including Metallics, Neons, and some colors that were never in my box of 64 including Purple Mountains Majesty and Outer Space.

So if you have a crayon artist in your house, this is for you.


** this is not a paid endorsement.  Crayola has no idea who I am but if they want to hook a Mom up with some Crayolaness, I wouldn’t object.  Just sayin’**