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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fun Bucks

Hey all,
i have a couple Crafty things that I plan to blog about here shortly but tonight I have an amazing story.
I have 2 very high energy kids. They run circles around me on a daily basis. As a SAHM with a DH that often works later than 6:30, I am the primary caregiver. And often I am too tired to enforce rules. I know that it is said to pick your battles, BUT! I feel that the kids know this strategy and know that I have to pick certain things to enforce. And the more things that I have to choose from, (the more ways that they are naughty) the more that fall by the way side.
Last week, I started a punch card system. Kinda like a frequency card that you get at the salon or the coffee shop. They were eligible for 5 daily punches. Morning, afternoon, evening, bed time and a bonus. It seemed to work well for a couple days. The threat of them not getting a punch seemed to work well. But there was no way to take back a punch if there was a major incident. The thought of a reward after they had accumulated a number of punches was not working.
I have been surfing through some of my Fav mommy blogs. Amy over at had some great ideas. She keeps a "Store" for her kids to purchase from. I kind of liked that idea but wanted to keep it simple. I am trying to decrease chaos from my life.
SO, I created Fun Bucks. I just made some generic Bucks on my laptop and printed out about 50 of them. Cut them apart with my Fiskar paper slicer. (love that thing)
Then I made a list of what could be purchased with their Fun Bucks. I told the kids that there were things on the list that they had previously gotten for nothing. Such as trips to Chucky Cheese and bowls of ice cream every night.
It has been amazing. LOL My kids were both off of school today for Teacher Inservice and I have never had such a great day with them. They were both willing to fork over 2 bucks each for a bowl of ice cream and didn't whine or cry or throw a fit when informed that they didn't have enough bucks to sleep on the couch tonight. Even though Daddy had already told D that he could. It is has been nothing short of a miracle.
I will keep you informed of any changes.

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