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Monday, January 10, 2011

Organization Pt 6

The coat closet was the mission of the day today. We here at the Cronin Casa do not have a closet.  We have a Mudroom.  Not a Pottery Barn mudroom but it has potential.  It doesn’t need organizing so much as a remodel.  And that will be happening this Summer.  You will have to stay tuned. 

It will involve a couple of these, although it will not be involving the 3000 of $$ that it requires.

pottery barn Braden

Image courtesy of Pottery Barn

Something like this:

mud room light

Couple of these:


One of these:

dutch door

Some of this:brown-paint-lg and this white-paint.

And of course:

time &  Muscle-774348 &sweat

But hopefully neither of these.

599px-Give_Blood.svg tears.


But today, I am going to go buy lumber for this!!!!!

king Farmhouse bed

Cause a not very wise man once told me that you should always paint the back of the house first.  (A broken clock is right twice a day ya, know.  A not so wise man can say something worthwhile occasionally.)


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  1. If anyone can do it you can. I hope you got your lumber. I remember what you did with the hampers last year, it looked so good. Very PBish.