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Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello Gorgeous!!!!

A New Year.  A New beginning.  As always I plan to be thinner, smarter, healthier and generally better by the end of the year.  But as 2010 closed, I was no thinner or healthier.  Maybe a little smarter.

As 2011 opens before me like a blank piece of paper on which to write my story, I can only imagine the possibilities.  I have been shopping for the perfect planner, organizing system, work-out system, purse to perfect me.  But I obviously will never be perfect.  There is only one person who ever walked the Earth who can claim Perfection and He never would. 

So this year, I am taking things a little slower. I am letting go of the perfection that I think I need to achieve.  In the past I haven’t been able to clean out the closet or my desk because I didn’t have the perfect tools.  I haven’t been able to build the furniture I want/need because I haven’t been able to afford the lumber and paint that I need all in one swoop.  I haven’t lost weight because I couldn’t see the results of yesterdays work today.

Some of the bloggers that I follow, namely the Nester, instead of creating a slew of unrealistic resolutions decide on a single word to apply to their daily life.  I have thought about it for the last couple days and searched for a word that would define everything that I am looking for.  The work that I have decided on is Health.

Health–noun    1.the general condition of the body or mind with reference to soundness and vigor: good health; poor health.

I won’t say that this is the Perfect word because I am not going for perfection.  I will say that this word does pretty much fit the bill of everything that I am going for.

Physical Health:  I am classified as obese by my BMI.  I am tall and carry well, but my knees, hips and high blood pressure tell me that they won’t be able to carry it well forever.  I am not going on some crash/fad diet.  I am simply going to eat less calories that I burn a day.  That will involve planning and forethought on my part. I put tons of thought into what I will serve my Vegan son and daughter in-law that will be corn free to accommodate her allergy.  I deserve to treat myself with the same consideration. I will weigh my portions and keep track of what I eat and how it makes me feel.  I won’t eat simply because I am bored.  I won’t get calorie laden specialty coffee just because I think that I deserve it.  That “treat” completely sends me over the limit on my calorie budget.  It surely won’t keep my stomach full until the next day.  It also means that I will remember to take the vitamins that are up in my cupboard.

Spiritual Health: My church is currently in a search for a new Pastor.  Our previous Pastor followed a call to a new church in a new state.  I truly feel sorry for anyone that tried to follow in the huge footsteps that have been left.  I have never had a teacher like the one that has left us.  I felt challenged and invigorated as I left church.  I need to take charge of my own Spiritual education.  That means reading the Bible on a daily basis.  I will follow reading plan to read it in 90 days.  This means that I will read the Bible 4 times a year.  I have already missed the 2 days but I won’t let that keep me from getting started.  I will find a different time of day to read, because @ night in bed doesn’t work.  I am too tired and cannot concentrate and that defeats the purpose.

Family Health:  In my mind, the health of my family starts with the health of my house.  My Dear Husband gets frustrated and feels unloved when he walks into a messy house that I have been in all day.  When I can’t find things due to to the fact that I haven’t put them away, I get short with my kids.  When we have to dig through baskets of clean clothes to get ready, we are then running late and I get even more stressed.  I feel like I can’t take pictures of the kids because of the mess that would be in the background.  I need to unplug from the internet when the kids are home and be more present with them.  Make sure that homework gets done when the kids are not tired and still have the patience for it.  Make sure that dinner is made and served at a cleaned off table before we are all so hungry that we are nasty to each other.  Make sure that clothes are folded and put away so that there is no yelling that there are no clean socks in a drawer.  Make sure that the house is a relaxing place for my Adored Husband to walk into each evening so that he knows how much I love and appreciate everything that he does for our family.

Financial Health:  This means that I will balance the checkbook every evening and I will create and stick to a budget.  We will not eat out just because there are a few extra bucks that should be applied to a bill the next pay period.  This means that if I have to buy part of a project one pay period and the rest the next, then I will.  I don’t need a fancy saw.  My hand saw works just fine and I burn more calories using it.  We don’t need the latest and greatest.  As long as our basic needs are provided for, we are good.  If I don’t have money left in my craft budget, then I should use what I have or go do some laundry.


If anyone is still reading this, then Thanks.  If not, well then that is OK too.  I mainly wrote this for myself.  To layout my goals for myself for the upcoming year.

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