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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Getting Organized Pt. One

I am a great cook/baker but I need a recipe to follow.  I can’t make up my own. 

I love to sew and craft, but I am not good at creating original item.  I tend to base my stuff on someone else’s projects.

In short, I am a follower.  Of recipes, patterns and instructions.

So it is a good thing for me that A Bowl full of Lemons is telling me what to do to organize for the new year.  I am  a little behind though.  And am doing it a little out of order.  But that’s Ok since I am getting it done and that is all that matters.


The Day # 3 Challenge was the Tupperware cupboard.  Mine needed setup needed some serious help.  I keep my bowls in a cupboard and my lids in a deep drawer that I have nearby








As you can see, the bowls just get put in the cupboard and the lids just get tossed into the drawer.


The main issue with the cupboard is that it isn’t square.  It is a weird parallelogram type shape.  And it is so deep that I can’t reach in an touch the cupboard doors on the other side.  And since I don’t really ever use the doors on the other side things get lost and shoved into corners that I can neither see nor reach.


So as I was told to do, Smile I took everything out of the cupboard and the drawer and wiped them both down.  And then the most important step in my house.  Making sure that I had a lid for every bowl and a bowl for every lid.  Our bowls are mainly used for Frank to take leftovers to work for lunch the next day so I do end up with more of one than the other.  Or Frank with force a co-workers lid on his bowl thinking that it is his.


If I found something without a match, it went into the garbage.  If I found a matching set that I didn’t really use, I put it in a grocery bag.  I am cleaning out my craft closet so I might have a use for them but if I don’t find an alternate use by the end of the week, then they will be donated.

All the cupboards in this house have adjustable shelving which I Red heartloveRed heart.

I messed around with the shelving and found some Dollar Tree baskets and this is what I came  up with.








I am now able to store my Great-Grandmothers China which my Mom gave me this Fall as she no longer hosts family dinners and I do Easter, Thanksgiving & Christmas.  I wanted to keep it in the kitchen and accessible as I am a big believer in not keeping things for “good”.  My grandma is 80 & I firmly believe that we will be sorting through many decades of stuff that she has kept for “good” but never used. 

Ideally, I would have liked to put the china on the middle shelf so it isn’t so accessible for the kids but it weighs much more that the plastics so I wanted it on the stronger bottom shelf. 

The top shelf is reserved for the teacups and saucers as well as the teapot, sugar bowl, and creamer that match the dishes.  We haven’t used those with our family dinners so they can be less accessible .


I sorted my lids by round and not round and put them in baskets in the drawer.  This left enough room to store my potato ricer and my Vidalia chopper in the drawer without having to dig for them.


The kids are super excited that I have uncovered the popsicle molds.  Even though I buy boxes  upon boxes of popsicles to get us though the summer months.

I am so glad that is was one of the organizing challenges because it was desperately needed here.

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