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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Organization Pt 3

Day #5 of A Bowl Full of Lemons 21 day Organization Challenge.  Once again the are that was chosen was an area in which I need a lot of help.The cabinets under the sink.  In this house there is infinite storage.  There is NO!!! reason for my disorganization.  After living in the last house which was so dinky I realize how blessed I am.  And I am going to start using the blessing.
My Undersink Area consists of 3 Cabinets.

Here is the ugly before:


The narrow cabinet on the right is my “cleaning ingredients” cabinet.  I make my own multipurpose cleaner and laundry soap.The cheap dishsoap for making bubbles is also in there.  So those things are in there as well as stuff that I don’t use any more but keep just in case.  Such as floor cleaner.  We have a steam mop now so we don’t use it.  Pledge.  I switched to Method cleaners so I don’t use the pledge.  I only have a couple of this type of thing so I don’t consider it a hoarding situation yet.  Smile 
Took everything out and wiped the cabinets down and removed empty bottles and boxes and sorted what needed to go where.  I had a DUH! moment and moved the dishwasher tab thingy’s to the left hand side so that I can get to them when the dishwasher is open. 

Here is the after:


Since I was already sitting on the floor, I took care of this nastiness. 
Since this cupboard is right below the sink and the dishwasher door come down right in front of it there are obviously splatters on it.  Little Method Sweet Almond wood cleaner took care of it, lickety split.
I think that on my next errand day, I will invest in the door racks and some contact paper to pretty up up a little.  I also plan to get a basket to keep my rags in.  I would also like to figure out how the make the false drawer fronts those tip out things for cleaning utensils and scrubbies.
Just for fun, these are the things that I took out and moved elsewhere.  Mostly to the garbage and tool box. The canisters were a failed attempt at homemade dishwasher soap.  Gonna clean them out and re-purpose them else where.

Honestly, I think that we need a 365 days of organization.  My house would be clean.  Can tomorrow be the kitchen table???

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  1. I hear ya. Our last house was almost half the size of this one, yet I've managed to fill this one up. How does that happen? I think I need 365 days, too. :)

    Great job on this challenge!

  2. Depending on the 21 days I was just going to repeat for the 365 days.

    It is definitely inspiring to see houses like yours that need little to no work at organization!~

  3. Oh I feel your pain on the splatters!

  4. Super duper amazing job :) You have a lot of room left now. I better go tackle my under sink area :) Thanks for posting and the inspiration.