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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Getting Organized Pt 2.

Today was Day #4 of the Bowl of Lemons 21 Day challenge.  Today’s Mission was the linen closet. 


Definitely a mess.  There are sheets for 3 beds, spare comforters, a sleeping bag, bath towels, hand towels and wash clothes.  This was another area that needed work.  That big ol wadded up blanket on the floor was making it hard to get the door open.  I refolded and sorted sheet sets by person and type of sheet so that grabbing sets would be easier.  The beach towels were put on the top shelf so it was not tempting for the youngin’s to use them for bath/shower time.




I have about 5 sets of sheets per kid and I know that is a lot but until they quit puking in the middle of the night, I am content with that amount.  It’s not really so many as they each have 2 sets of flannel sheets which is mandatory for Michigan winters.  Frank & I only have about 3 sets and no flannels.  Frank is Italian and would sweat to death on flannel sheets, but we do have a heated mattress pad and that makes me happy.  LOL

The flannel sheets and blanket on the bottom of the closet can be used for filler in lightweight quilts. 

Wonder what the next challenge will be.  I think that she has been peeking in my windows.  LOL


  1. Great job! You even have an empty shelf! I love when that happens!

  2. So clean, tidy, organized wonderful! Great job. I agree about needing warm winter sheets... thankfully my hubs even digs them. But that heated matress pad sounds super nice too...hmmmmm :) Thanks for posting.

  3. Ugggg...you have sooo much room! I'm jealous. Nice Job!