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Saturday, June 26, 2010

What I did today... By Jess

So today, I was prepared to have the kids inside all day and to not be able to spray paint anything. We were supposed to have almost 90* temps and thunderstorms. However, today was nothing short of perfect.
I was sitting with my coffee sharing my mp3 with this beauty.
I can see the woman will grow into sometimes. And I can see the baby she was.
Frank got home and this ensued.
I saw a blog post somewhere about using spray bottles instead of water guns. My kids (Frank included) love water guns but they are expensive and tend to break quickly. And they are a pain to fill and don't hold much. So the other day at Dollar Tree I snagged 3 spray bottles. I could kiss whoever blogged about it. LOL
Gianna was right in there, not afraid of anything.
But Dominic took the safe route.
Then they moved onto this.Photobucket and this Photobucket
Frank just took off the training wheels the other day and Dom is riding like a pro. I have felt bad that we haven't gotten him riding on his own yet, but at the last house there was really no place to ride. The stroller was the one that we got when I was pregnant with Dominic. It has been used and abused and she loves it. She still loves to be pushed in it and loves to push her dolls and bears in it.

So we did the above, and there has been lots of cleaning, sunburning (yours truly), car washing, trampoline jumping, sidewalk chalk drawing, ice cream sandwich eating and generally loving the God given Goodness.

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  1. Looks like ya'll had a fun day. Glad it turned out great. Beautiful family.

    Thanks for stopping by Pittypat Paperie. Glad you liked the baby to bride bracelet.

    I have seen the hankies like your aunt made for you. Love that idea as well. I just hope I can see some of my bracelet gifts used someday Ü I know it meant a lot to your aunt to see you remember and use the hankie. Very thoughtful of her and you :o)