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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Master Bedroom Before

One this that I really have a desire for is an Adult bedroom. A room that I walk into and sigh with contentment. No toys on the floor, no moving stuff around on my nightstand so that I can set down a glass. I would really like everything to match. I have never lived in a house with any sort of matching furniture. Seriously.
SO today, I am going to show you what it looks like now, what I don't like about it and what my dreams are for it.
This is the view from the door. I actually just moved my bed here because I wanted it to be the centerpiece of the room. Before it was on the opposite wall and when you walked in you saw the piles of garage sales stuff. As you can see, the night stands are nothing alike. Franks is that little tiny plant table with an alarm clock and the charger for his FD pager. Mine is a $5 garage sale TV table. It has all sorts of stuff on it as I read in bed, paint my nails here, take out my contacts, make lists and so on. Now I know that you are all super envious of my stylin' comforter. Looks like it belongs in a hotel you say. Why that would be correct. Before the kids were born, I managed a hotel and this comforter was "ruined" by a guest. Ruined meaning several cigarette burns. So it was either going to the mission or an employee could take it. And since Frank and I were using a queen comforter on a king bed, I brought it home. Been on the bed for several years, for a while there was a un-declawed cat that slept on it and then there was a dog. Neither were very nice. To say that it needs to be replaced is a major understatement.
If you turn to your left, there is my dresser. We got it and the matching low one when my parents bought some farm land with a house on it. The woman who owned the house had been moved to a nursing home and her kids sold the house with most of the furniture included. The matching low one is in G's room and it will make it's way in here. I am thinking that they should be chippy distressed white.
Beside the dresser you see the mirrored closet doors that I CANNOT KEEP CLEAN!!!! There are smudges everywhere. All the bedrooms have these closet doors. Mine should be replace with these. Photobucket Which may or may not need to be chipped up and distressed. The other wall is pretty much blank except for a wobbly dresser holding the TV and the aforementioned garage sale piles.
I am thinking that I want this room almost all white. I want white bedding, a white duvet (which I will make) White flowing curtains (that I will make), a bed skirt either a burlap or white flowing in either box pleats or ruffles (I will make this too). I want this style of lamp for each side of the bed. Photobucket
Matching white chippy nightstands that suit both Frank & I. A farmhouse bed like this Photobucket From KnockOffWood.com (I can also make this bed.)

Seriously, I don't think that it is too much to ask. Do you??


  1. If anyone can pull it off you can! I bet yours would turn out better. It sounds so pretty and I can just picture your vision you discribed it so well. I have seen lots of bedrooms in magazines that look great with mismatched nightstands that are pulled together by a matching new coat of paint. Maybe you can find one more garage sale table, one that is closer to the size of one you already have and then paint them both? Good luck with your plan!

  2. Looks like a fun project to work on. I love those wall mounted lamps too. They just free up that much more room on your nightstand. Plus, I like that you can move them around.