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Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother Nature, Please

Come on. Mother to Mother. Give a girl a break. Freezing temps this weekend??
Firstly, if you are gonna do nasty weather, I would be happy to take it during the week when the kids are in school and have some other outlets for their energy. I NEED them to be able to go outside on the weekends.
Secondly, pick a temp range. Seriously. Every morning I wake up to check the weather to know if I will need the heat or the AC that day. I can't pack up cold weather clothes but I had to unpack the warm weather clothes. This is making for way too much laundry.
Just so I don't seem terribly ungrateful, I want to say Thanks for the Beautious Lilacs that my mom cut from her yard and brought me. That is my most fav scent of summer. (After the beach, and grilling chicken, and campfires).

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  1. Hey!
    Over from the house of smiths!

    I have to tell you, that you are TOTALLY right! My hubby IS very patient, but he also loves to see our renovations go from before's... to after's!
    It's something we do together!
    It's a great way to spend time with each other and also get something accomplished.
    It wasn't always like that... promise! but now that we have our own home, we feel a lot more pride in the things that we DO get done!

    Thanks for stopping by!